Welcome to Oak Knoll Equestrian Pony Club Riding Center!

We are a premier equestrian center in Newcastle, CA that teaches rider safety, horsemanship, and have a fantastic time along the way! Featuring a park-like setting and reputable trainers holding very accomplished show and pony club backgrounds! We focus on the foundation here at home that will provide you with a lifetime of horsemanship skills. We are equipped to handle your horse’s every need and provide the necessary community contacts for our fun and comfort

If you’re more interested in seeing what we offer, don’t hesitate to look at our Services page. We do our best to accommodate the needs of our boarders. Just look at our About page to learn our story and see what some of our boarders say about us. Our facility offers training through our resident trainer, Alicia Swinton Equestrian.

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Oak Knoll Equestrian Pony Club Riding Center is located just outside of Sacramento, California. Our equine facility prides itself on providing the best care for your horse.

Oak Knoll Equestrian Pony Club Riding Center was always a dream. The Schackners have always wanted to run a fantastic horse property and truly encourage a friendly environment. And that they did! OKEC is all about fun, learning, and making sure your ponies are well taken care of. Not only is there countless boarding options, we also have turnout, top of the line footing, Purina grain programs, and quality hay. Your horse will be pampered here! If you’d like to learn more, just check out our services page.


Oak Knoll is the home of the happy horse — and plentiful boarding options! Aside from 3 premium grassy meals a day, your horse will also be treated to fourth meal of graining and supplements that you choose or bag. We offer daily stall cleaning, turnouts (weather permitting), blanketing, individualized grain services, and much more. Read below to learn more about what our facility offers. Our included services are part of our boarding options at no additional charge and we also offer extras for a small fee. While we want your horse to be happy and healthy, we also want you have feel comfortable and fun here. If you have any questions, please let us know. We take pride in OKEC and want you to feel the same!

Stall Options with Boarding Rate

  • Main Barn Stall – $620
  • Isolation Stall Main Barn – $650
  • Small Rear Covered Paddock Main Barn – $475
  • Large Rear Covered Paddock Main Barn – $550
  • Foaling Barn – $640
  • Mare Motel w/ Priority Turnout – $520
  • Exclusive Shared Pasture Board – $400
  • Upper Paddock Board – $520 (per horse)
  • Upper Paddock Board (bedded) – $620


  • Daily turnout weather permitting
  • Blanketing
    • Courtesy blanketing starts 12/01 through 4/1. Please blanket your horse after 3pm.
  • Three meals per day of either:
    • 20 pounds minimum of Premium Orchard/Meadow Grass Mix (minimum 3-4 Flakes)
    • 20 pounds minimum of Premium Cut Alfalfa mix (minimum 3-4 flakes)
    • Our hay is weighed often
  • Grain services fed once daily (additional fee for additional feedings)
  • 40 meter x 120 meter shaded crumb rubber arena with lights (this is a full ACRE)
  • Covered 40ft round pen with electricity and lights
  • 20×40 meter Short Dressage Court, numbered and irrigated
  • Uncovered 60ft round pen
  • Trails, conditioning path, and plenty of room for trot sets
  • Viewing area that doubles as a event location
  • Access to guest trainers and clinics
  • Lots of barn parties and events!


  • Clipping
  • Grooming
  • Medication administration
  • Hand walking
  • Vet assistance
  • Biannual immunization and dental clinics
  • Nutrition and body conditioning maintenance
  • Equine Sports Massage through One Stride Equine Massage
  • Farrier assistance
  • Laundry service
  • Trailer parking $25

We also welcome haul-ins and overnight stays! Haul-ins are $15 per horse and $20 per trailer. Overnight stays are $30. If you are in Pony Club, these fees are discounted to $10 a haul-in and $20 for an overnight stay.

Blanket Policy

If you clip your horse before nov 15th, and require blanketing you must notify OKEC owner or ASE to arrange blanketing.  This may require and additional fee.  We reserve the right to refuse blanketing for your horse if they are unable to be caught, bite, kick, rear or have behavioral issues that put our staff in danger. We use an onsite thermometer and a weather/storm tracker app called “weather” for current weather.  We are in between Lincoln and Newcastle so temps are confirmed with the onsite thermometer. We try and blanket by 5pm- if you ride after that and the others are blanketed- its your responsibility to put it on. 


The only horses that are exempt from this are horses with specific illness, diagnosis, elderly and poor body condition.  Waterproof blankets/sheets are required as we will not change fabric turnoutsheets for you if they get wet and this is what you left on your animal.  Do not leave a 400gm blanket for your horse and expect that he or she be blanketed and blanketed outside of the norm. You are always allowed to make arrangements with others.

Please contact us if you have any questions about what we offer!

Alicia Swinton Equestrian

Oak Knoll is proud to partner with Alicia Swinton Equestrian as our resident trainer!

Alicia has trained with some of the most elite Eventing riders like Yves Sauvignon, Bunnie Sexton, Matt Cecily Brown, Boyd Martin, and more. While Alicia’s genius lies in Eventing, we cover all English disciplines. No matter your level, Alicia is here to help you reach your goals in a fun and educational environment. Just see what some of her clients are saying about her!

If you’d like to train with Alicia, please get in touch. As Alicia is part of our training barn, we do require each boarded horse (not in pasture) to be in a training program of at least one lesson a week. If you’d like more information on Alicia’s training program, check out the training program page here.

See our Trainers for Pony Club Here