February USPC Meetings

Our Pony Club mounted meeting in February can be summed up in 3 words: educational, fun, and (absolutely) adorable! The meeting was held by our fabulous Layla Schackner and our trainer was Stephanie Nicora. Stephanie did a fantastic job of coaching our various levels and providing insight for every horse. She’s also the instructional coordinator for Sierra Pacific so that gives us all great insight on what’s to come for ratings, rallies, and future meetings. The mounted meeting was primary jump, but we worked on some flat, as well. It made for a well-rounded meeting!

The first group was dedicated to the littles learning how to jump. This is where adorable comes in! Small ponies, small riders, small crossrails? Count us in!

We also had a flat group as our immediate ride. They did fantastic! We are starting to see our riders learn more and more about certain cues and how their pony thinks. Our last group was the Beginner Novice height group. Everyone had fresh ponies, be they all rode through it and learned bunches!

Overall, the mounted meeting was a success. Everyone walked away with great ideas to improve their riding, but also had a fabulous time! We cannot wait for our next ride with SABINA RIJSSENBECK, a fabulous and talented dressage trainer.

We also held an unmounted meeting to go over D rally and set our goals for the year. We had some fun with ponies!!

February also had a standards and certifications clinic. This was an amazing experience for our members to learn, but some also rode!

Speaking of what we’re excited about, we wanted to add a tentative schedule of events Oak Knoll Equestrian Pony Club Riding Center is attending. This is in addition to the events at our facility:

  • March 7th – Horse Management Day
  • March 8th – EBTH Rally
  • April 4th – D Rally
  • April 25th – Dressage Rally
  • May 8th – Eventing Rally
  • May 23rd – Jump & Splash Camp
  • July 30th – Regional Camp
  • September 19th – Quiz Rally
  • September 26th – Games & Pace Clinic
  • September 27th – Hunter Pace
  • October 9th – Show Jump Rally

If you’re interested in the events we are holding, check our Google Calendar, available here.