Alicia Swinton Equestrian

Oak Knoll is proud to partner with Alicia Swinton Equestrian as our resident trainer!

Alicia has trained with some of the most elite Eventing riders like Yves Sauvignon, Bunnie Sexton, Matt Cecily Brown, Boyd Martin, and more. While Alicia’s genius lies in Eventing, we cover all English disciplines. No matter your level, Alicia is here to help you reach your goals in a fun and educational environment. Just see what some of her clients are saying about her!

If you’d like to train with Alicia, please get in touch. As Alicia is part of our training barn, we do require each boarded horse (not in pasture) to be in a training program of at least one lesson a week. If you’d like more information on Alicia’s training program, check out the training program page here.