Jackie Quijano

Here’s what some of Jackie’s clients are saying about her:

“I have known Jackie for about 3 years, recommended by a friend.  During 2016 I placed my horse “Robbie” in consignment to sell (and sold him).  The transaction was handled with utmost professionalism.   During the few months “Robbie” was with Jackie she had him going more round, moving forward, supple and relaxed, he didn’t even look like the same horse that I had just left with her 3 weeks earlier.    Jackie worked with “Robbie” on his jumping as he would get little strong and anxious in the corners, and within a few weeks, he was relaxed and not rushing.  I took a few lessons during the time I had “Robbie” with Jackie and we were jumping 2’6-2’9 with no issues.  Jackie showed him to potential buyers from teenagers to adult amateurs.

I can’t say enough about Jackie and the ability she has with horses.  She teaches the horse to be soft, supple and with a positive experience and without training aids and in a snaffle.  She gives the horse confidence by training without fear.  They just seem to trust her and know that she will not get hard on them.  Jackie’s teaching skills are very calm and will explain to the rider what needs to be done, to get the very best from the horse. “

“Jackie is an exceptionally talented trainer with a solid foundation of knowledge and experience and a wonderful person to boot.  Through skill, patience and encouragement, she has been able to bring out the best in both my horses and in me and has set us on a fresh path of confidence, renewed goals and enjoyment in riding.  I can’t say enough good things about her!”
Maria DeCarlo, DVM

“Jackie Quijano has worked with my horses and myself for 3 years now.  I can highly highly recommend her!  The horses love her, and she develops beautiful top lines and strong muscles .  She knows the biomechanics of the equine very well and has prevented injuries in my horses through proper conditioning over time.  I am especially impressed with the focus she develops in the horses, she actually leaves the arena gate open and after a few sessions none of them head for the gate; they are relaxed and all business.  She is straightforward and patient when teaching lessons.  She also prepares them on trail for endurance rides.  Anyone interested in learning more about my wonderful experiences with Jackie, please contact me anytime!” Ashvet@ashvet.com   Ashley Sansome DVM MPVM

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