Pony Club Anticipated Trainers for 2020

Oak Knoll Equestrian Pony Cub Riding center offers the opportunity to learn from others due to our Riding Center opportunities and our friendships in the Equestrian World! There’s always room to gain a new perspective on riding and we are always excited to give our riders every opportunity we can. We are proud to maintain a list of accomplished trainers who model our Pony Club direction and our values. These equestrian professionals maintain a schedule with Layla, our barn owner, and Wendy Hunter our assistant Center Administrator. Even though many of our lessons are here at Oak Knoll Riding Center, we do trailer out to other facilities for a more rounded travel experience.

For more information about when the next trainer is coming out, please be on the look out for our schedule/calendar updates!

Current LIST of Trainers for 2020 In NO particular order!

Val Owen

Valerie Owen is an Advanced Event Rider. She is an international 3 Day Event Trainer, Coach and Clinician. Val is IEP Certified and has been in business for 30 years.

Val specializes in cross country gymnastics. This technique of teaching a  young horse to jump is a specialty that Val has developed over the years. This method builds confidence for both horse and rider, creating a great relationship of trust between horse and rider.

Danielle Casalett

Danielle Casalett of #TEAMCASALETT holds a Gold Medal in dressage and an extensive show history which includes the Grand Prix. She is also an accomplished horse trainer producing several horses up the levels into very successful careers. https://eventingnation.com/author/snicora/

Amanda Volle

Amanda specializes in 3-day eventing and offers lessons, sales, and training young horses. Volle grew up riding in Northern California with Carmela Richards, Jackie McRae and Alexandra Knowles. Amanda joined pony club at 8 years old and earned her traditional A level certificate at age 18 while grooming and riding for 4-star rider, Alexandra Knowles. Shortly after earning her A, Amanda was invited to Lexington, Kentucky to groom for and work under 4-Star rider Cathy Wieschhoff. While in Kentucky, Amanda competed at the Intermediate 3-day level on Max Gerdes’s OTTB Lucky Teddy at The Fork, Rebecca Farm, the American Eventing Championships at Chattahoochee Hills, Poplar Place and many more. During her years in Kentucky, Amanda was lucky enough to work with David and Karen O’Connor, Hannah Sue Burnett, William Fox-Pitt, Buck Davidson and many others. As well as 3-day Eventing, Amanda has an extensive background in Dressage, Showjumping, Steeplechase, Foxhunting and exercise riding at the race track. Amanda has started and trained many young horses up through the levels and specializes in starting with a slow, confident and natural horsemanship style. Amanda moved back to the Sacramento area and has been continuing her education with Bea and Derek Di Grazia, Kristi Nunnink and Sabina Rijssenbeek. Amanda is an active part of the local Pony Clubs and Horsemaster programs. She loves working with riders and horses of all levels and disciplines to educate and encourage a strong foundation of quality horsemanship.

Alejandro Salazar Owner and Trainer at Rancho Pura Vida http://www.ranchopuravida.com/

At 8 years of age, Alejandro began his training in dressage and showjumping, having a chance to work with numerous trainers from South America, Europe, and North America, and won many competitions both within Costa Rica and internationally.

He won National Championships in showjumping and in dressage, and was awarded the Best Competitive Spirit trophy by the Equestrian Federation of Colombia. Alejandro spent a summer training with Hubert Robert in Pennsylvania where he won competitions in both hunters and dressage. showing at the Grand Prix level his own stallion he imported from Costa Rica. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1995 and then from Purdue with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering in 1997.

Ales most recent accomplishment includes becoming the first and currently  only trainer in the United States to be certified in both the USHJA (Hunter Jumper Association) and the USDF (Dressage Federation) as a certified 4th level trainer. Please Click on the link to his website for a complete biography!

Ezra Marrow

Ezra Marrow Training is like no other https://ezramarrow.com/ If you have worked with Ezra or know a horse that has been guided by him, you should know that what you are seeing is a far different animal than what it started out as. He has changed the lives of many horses and riders, by changing their relationship and perception.

ver the past 18 years he has worked with a wide range of equine disciplines and breeds in his own horsemanship business, gaining a loyal following of students throughout the United States and into Canada. Although Ezra has drawn on the techniques of other teachers and trainers in the development of his own philosophy, he does not subscribe to a specific “doctrine”. His strength as a teacher, his masterful horsemanship, and deep love of horses affords his clients the opportunity to create a powerful, lasting relationship with their horse. He thoroughly enjoys working with and sharing with people the gift of the horse.

Ezra is also an originator in equine guided education, a modality that offers personal development and transformational trainings utilizing a unique equine guided teaching process that provides profound and immediate results in all areas of people’s lives. This personal growth work focuses on helping people create an effortless, lasting partnership with their horses so they can regain the joy, trust and excitement in their equine relationships! 

Please click in his link for his full BIO

Sabine Rijssenbeek

sabinetucson@aol.com Contact:  (520) 551-4150 Contact:  (520) 551-4150

Sabine holds an International Trainer’s Passport (Level 3) from the Netherlands and has more than 30 years experience as a rider and trainer of sport horses. She trained with Piet Oothout (trainer of the Dutch National Team for the 1984 Olympics) and Henk van Bergen (Train of the Silver Medal Dutch Team at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992). Sabine was short-listed for the Moscow Olympics and has trained several Olympic horses and a number of horses that have successfully competed in Dutch National Championships.

S.R. Dressage has clients around the world and throughout the United States. Sabine teaches riders from the training level through Grand Prix Dressage. Her emphasis on Classical Dressage, personality, and ability to truly teach the rider makes her a wonderful instructor. Besides Dressage, Sabine also trains many of her clients in Show Jumping. When Sabine isn’t at home training, riding, or instructing, she also travels to conduct clinics for equestrians of all levels.  She has been featured at many top clinics working alongside international trainers. One of my favorite articles about her is here https://horsesdaily.com/article/international-dressage-trainer-sabine-rijssenbeek-netherlands-tucson-arizona

Please visit her website for her full biography

Kallie Bowles

Kallie Bowles, a master instructor with Certified Horsemanship Association.
Dressage and jumping. http://www.luckybranch.jigsy.com/lessons-and-training

USDF Certified Trainer/Instructor

CHA Certified Master Instructor

Jenette Scanlon

   Jennette’s  Credentials ​​

USDF “L” Graduate with distinction

USDF certified instructor/trainer through fourth level

USEA ICP Certified trainer

Level ll USPC National Examiner

Jenettes Bio: As a child, I was introduced to horses by my great grandfather, Sidney Davis, who was well known for his talent to deal with difficult horses. When I was 13, a friend introduced me to Pony Club. During my first meeting, I was told that, although they appreciated my participation, a saddle was a necessary piece of equipment to be a part of the club activities. Well, from there, I became committed to doing whatever it took to learn everything I could from this amazing group of horse people. It is here that I discovered my passion for eventing. I continued my search for learning more by spending summers as a working student. When my horse suffered an accident where he lost his left eye, ironically, my eyes were opened. I had no idea how to ride with my seat and leg, and realized that I was going to have to face the dreaded idea of Dressage, and possibly might be condemned to this way of riding if I were to stay committed to my horse. I set off to the East Coast to be a working student with a dressage trainer. A year and a half later, my horse began to jump the small fence around the dressage arena in order to have a snack in the hay field! With my dressage stirrups rolled, my horse and I jumped back and forth joyfully as our dressage trainer was yelling something about never teaching a horse to jump out of an arena. Back to California we went to pursue eventing!! I graduated Pony Club at the H-A level, rode everything I could get my hands on, and took a job as an assistant instructor at a Pony Club barn. From there, I opened my own training barn where I specialized in starting horses of all disciplines, and retraining problem horses. I was able to work with Ray Hunt, where I learned more about the horse’s perspective. I rode and showed any breed, and any discipline. It is here that I learned my survival skills, but I began to realize I was still missing something. As the years continued, and the horses quality began to improve, I noticed that although I was successful in local shows, my horses did not look like the international horses. So, off I went to Germany to find the secret. I found it. Yes, the dreaded Dressage again. But here, it is in the water, in the air you breath, and the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. I began to understand the language of the aids, and the development of the horse. I became an associate trainer to the academy I attended, and brought students back with me twice a year for the next three years. My search for what I was missing was over. Now, to learn how to develop horses at home. I feel that it is here that my career with the horses began to change. My quest for education still drives me, and my training skills continue to evolve. Currently, I am a USEA certified instructor ( Level II) , a USDF certified instructor/trainer ( Level 4 ), a USDF “L” program graduate (with distinction), and a USDF bronze, silver, and gold medalist ( with a horse I started under saddle and brought through the levels). I continue to support the organization that provided me so many opportunities and lifelong friendships, Pony Club. I am a National Examiner, Regional Instructor Coordinator of the Sierra Pacific Region, and an instructor at the club level.

Lauren LoPiccolo

Biography Please click her link for more! https://www.laurenlopiccoloequestrian.com/bio

Lauren worked with Sarah Ballou, Grand Prix Jumper, at Emigrant Springs Ranch in Grass Valley, CA. She competed five years on the Hunter/Jumper Circuit including the Spruce Meadows International Horse Show in Calgary, Canada at the age of 17. Lauren then went on to compete for the Intercollegiate Equestrian Team at the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. While working towards her Agricultural Business Degree, Lauren began competing more heavily in Three Day Eventing under the direction of Gina Miles, a Silver Medallist in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Upon graduating from college, Lauren received the highest rating in Pony Club, the A-Rating. Lauren continues to be heavily involved in Pony Club as an examiner for ratings, lessons, and teaching at camps. She has continued her coaching education by completing the ICP training/workshops and looks forward to receiving the certification. On top of coaching and training, Lauren is riding and competing her own horse to one day achieve her goal to compete at the Rolex 4 Star Three Day event in Lexington, Kentucky!

Lauren has over 10 years of teaching experience as well as expertise in training and selling horses. She is now training at Big Sky Equestrian Center in Orangevale, CA. She specializes in training and coaching for Three Day Eventing, Dressage, and Hunter/Jumpers. All levels of horses and riders welcome!

“I feel it is very important that both horse and rider develop confidence through a upbeat and positive environment in order to perform to the best of their ability.”

Contact Lauren today!!

Graduate Of The United States Pony Club
Member Of The United States Eventing Association
Member Of The United States Equestrian Federation
Member Of The California Dressage Society
Member Of The United States Hunter Jumper Association

Stephanie Nicora

Stephanie Shaur https://ssdressage.com/

 Stephanie is an accomplished dressage rider and trainer. She has trained several horses to FEI levels and loves working with young horses to give them a good foundation. Her passion is breeding, and she always has several young horses for sale. She works with horses and riders of all levels to help them reach their goals. She specializes in dressage, but loves to help anyone achieve their goals.
Stephanie grew up riding under the watchful eyes of Willy Arts at DG Bar Ranch. She has made her way up through the levels on numerous horses, winning several year end awards and championships both as a Junior and in the open classes. With JW she competed twice at the Cosequin Junior Young Rider Championships, earning a team silver medal in both 2001 and 2002. In 2004, with Jasper, she earned a spot on the Region 7 YR team and they won a team gold medal. In 2012, Stephanie and Bonameer DG competed in Chicago at the USDF Young Horse Championships.
In 2007 she began breeding horses as Solo Deo Gloria Sporthorses. Her first foals are now 11 and are performing well in dressage, jumping, and eventing show careers. Dante SGS successfully earned his ster predicate and placed #5 in the nation at the NA/WPN keuring in 2011. He is currently competing at FEI levels with Caroline Locke. Dior SGS had a successful eventing career with Wynter Harrison. Forte SGS earned his ster predicate at the NA/WPN keuring in 2013. First Watch SGS has been successful at third level with Mary Devian. Governor SGS qualified for the 2016 5 yr old event horse championship with rider Gabby Dickerson. Harrison SGS earned a first premium and made top 10 at the NA/WPN keuring in 2012. He qualified for the 2016 USEF young horse championship with rider Ryan Yap.  Jax SGS earned a first premium at the 2014 NA/WPN keuring and placed in the top 10 foals. Jayne SGS also earned a first premium at the keuring. Lalique SGS earned her first premium grading at the 2016 NA/WPN keuring.

Micaela Love

Micaela is a Parelli 3-Star instructor and offers instruction in natural horsemanship. While she has enjoyed the many high-profile experiences on her resume, and can empower horses and riders of all backgrounds, one of the things she’s most proud of is that her clients become her friends. Today, she is bridging the worlds of Dressage and Natural Horsemanship, training and competing in Auburn, California at Blue Oak Ranch. Micaela offers lessons at our facility on Mondays from 1-4:30pm, with room for growth with demand. Her price list is below:

Jennifer McFall http://dragonfiresporthorses.com/df-family/

Jennifer McFall is an International CCI 5***** rider, with several Top Ten Finishes at the CIC4**** and CCI4****  Level, along with being the recipient of the Rebecca Broussard Developing Rider Grant. She is also a winner in the USEA Young Event Horse Program, through the National Championship level. She has a love for bringing along young horses through the ranks, as well as helping owners develop and compete their young stock. Jennifer has taught clinics throughout the US and finds teaching others how to achieve their goals extremely rewarding.

Jennifer started her riding career in Pony Club and showed her family’s Morgan horses on a regional and national level, winning many National and World titles in Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Dressage and Jumping. She and Dragonfire Kublahan, a Morgan gelding bred by her family farm and her partner during her teenage years, are pictured on the cover of the Pony Club “A” manual and had an exciting career together. Her early years as a trainer/instructor earned her recognition on the national level including being honored by The American Morgan Horse Association for her influence on the breed.

Earl McFall http://dragonfiresporthorses.com/df-family/

Earl is a graduate “A” Pony Clubber and is still actively involved in the program, teaching at several of the local pony clubs and giving clinics at the pony club summer camps, as well as being the DC of the Deer Creek Pony Club based at Dragonfire. Earl has competed successfully in Grand Prix Jumpers and through the Advanced level of Three-Day Eventing and was long listed for the Olympics in 2000. He is an active Eventing competitor/instructor and has brought countless horses up through the levels with tremendous success.

In addition to his success in  Upper Level Eventing, Earl has also been greatly successful showing youngsters in the USEA Future Event Horse Program. With many Championships to his credit, Earl can help your young event horse compete at it’s best. His methodical and thorough teaching style gives both students and green horses the confidence required to achieve their goals at any level.

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