Rotating Trainers

While OKEC offers consistent training with our in-barn professionals, we still value the opportunity to learn from others. There’s always room to gain a new perspective on riding! We are proud to maintain a list of trainers who model more of a clinician atmosphere; holding lessons monthly, or even biweekly. The equestrian professionals maintain a schedule with Layla, our barn owner. For more information about when the next trainer is coming out, please contact us!

Our list of rotating trainers is not comprehensive, but is as follows.

Amanda Volle

Amanda specializes in 3-day eventing and offers lessons, sales, and training young horses. Volle grew up riding in Northern California, earned her traditional A level certificate at age 18 and was invited to Lexington, Kentucky to groom for and work under 4-Star rider Cathy Wieschhoff. Amanda is an active part of the local pony clubs and Horsemaster programs. She loves working with riders and horses of all levels and disciplines to educate and encourage a strong foundation of quality horsemanship.

Val Owen

Valerie Owen is an Advanced Event Rider. She is an international 3 Day Event Trainer, Coach and Clinician. Val is IEP Certified, has been in business for 30 years, and specializes in cross country gymnastics.

Danielle Cassalett

Alejandro Salazar

Micaela Love

Micaela is a Parelli 3-Star instructor and offers instruction in natural horsemanship. While she has enjoyed the many high-profile experiences on her resume, and can empower horses and riders of all backgrounds, one of the things she’s most proud of is that her clients become her friends. Today, she is bridging the worlds of Dressage and Natural Horsemanship, training and competing in Auburn, California at Blue Oak Ranch. Micaela offers lessons at our facility on Mondays from 1-4:30pm, with room for growth with demand. Her price list is below:

Ezra Marrow