Barn Rules

Let’s just dive right in. If you have any questions, just contact us!

  1. No smoking.
  2. No off leash pets.
  3. Young children must be supervised at all times.
  4. No minors are allowed on quads unless they are working for OKEC or ASE.
  5. No running, shouting, loud noises, throwing things, screaming, squealing, or sudden movements.
  6. Gates must remain closed even when the horses are out.
  7. Stall doors must remain closed when horses are inside.
  8. Report any unsafe conditions immediately to barn owner.
  9. Respect others: clean up after yourself and your horse.
  10. Do not feed  horses treats or handfuls of hay without permission from horses owner.
  11. Helmets required for minors and must be ASTM/SEI certified.
  12. If you are unsure of what you are doing, ask for help.
  13. Never enter a stall without permission.
  14. Make sure the horse is aware of your presence before approaching.
  16. Do not allow friends or siblings to handle or ride horses without trainers permission and a release form filled out.
  17. Always have a halter or bridle on your horse. Hold or tie the horse. Horses may not be loose.
  18. Do not mount or ride a horse inside the barn or in the tack area.
  19. If under 18, no jumping without an instructor. If over 18, must not be alone and approved by the trainer.
  20. When hacking/practicing, you must read and follow all rules, including no jumping, supervised, time limited to the condition of the horse.
  21. You are responsible for replacing items that you/horse have broken or used. 
  22. Feed Rooms, hay/shaving storage, office, or other designated areas are OFF LIMITS.
  23. Do NOT use others people’s items without asking.
  24. Do NOT take any hay from the hay barn without permission.
  25. After a trip, please empty your hay from bags or mangers into the horses stall/feed pan and NOT in the manure pile.
  26. Do not open others’ tack cabinets without their consent, and do not borrow or use items without owners consent. 
  27. Clean up your manure and trash.
  28. Dump manure buckets when full.
  29. Leave the wash racks clean after use.
  30. The speed limit on Oak Knoll Lane is 10MPH. As soon as you enter our gate it is 5mph into the barn area.
  31. If it’s not your lesson, please ask the trainer’s permission to enter the arena. If your request is not met, stay out of the arena.
  32. No lunging in the arena. Please utilize the round pens.
  33. The area above the lockers is not part of the cabinet. Please keep it free of personal items.
  34. Grain is to be stored in metal cans in the foaling barn if not grained by the barn.
  35. Grain and supplements supplied by the owner should be given to the us by signing it into the check in bin in a minimum of four day supply.
  36. Please turn off the lights in the arena and barn if you are the last person in.
  37. Only the owner of the horse may ride the horse. If the owner wishes to have another person ride their horse, please notify the trainer and have the additional rider fill out a release of liability form.
  38. All riders must have a release signed before riding or handling a horse.
  39. No drug use on the property including medical marijuana.
  40. If you move it, please put it back.
  41. Turn off faucets and depressurize hoses.
  42. If someone does something that is clearly wrong or dangerous, alert the barn owner, trainer or assistant immediately. Do not confront the person.
  43. Hours are 8:30 am until 9pm unless otherwise arranged.
  44. We may close for specific events or gatherings but advance notice will be given.
  45. You are not allowed to ride through someone else’s lesson, or their jump course. 
  46. Riding or sharing the arena is NOT permitted during clinics. 
  47. Park in the parking area ONLY. Please do not in the grass, front of barn or near wash racks unless loading or unloading.
  48. Clearly Label your horses blanket and halter. Please hang your blanket on the blanket rack.
  49. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying and gossiping.
  50. Fill waters if the horse has spilled it or alert the barn owner immediately.
  51. Do not change the course settings or height without consent.
  52. Do not use any area for anything other than what it was intended.
  53. Place hotwire on gates even if horse is out.  
  54. No outside trainers without authorization from facility owner and coordination with ASE schedule.
  55. If you don’t do it at home….don’t do it at our barn. 
  56. Common sense and courtesy at all times.

Blanket Policy

If you clip your horse before nov 15th, and require blanketing you must notify OKEC owner or ASE to arrange blanketing.  This may require and additional fee.  We reserve the right to refuse blanketing for your horse if they are unable to be caught, bite, kick, rear or have behavioral issues that put our staff in danger. We use an onsite thermometer and a weather/storm tracker app called “weather” for current weather.  We are in between Lincoln and Newcastle so temps are confirmed with the onsite thermometer. We try and blanket by 5pm- if you ride after that and the others are blanketed- its your responsibility to put it on. 


The only horses that are exempt from this are horses with specific illness, diagnosis, elderly and poor body condition.  Waterproof blankets/sheets are required as we will not change fabric turnoutsheets for you if they get wet and this is what you left on your animal.  Do not leave a 400gm blanket for your horse and expect that he or she be blanketed and blanketed outside of the norm. You are always allowed to make arrangements with others.